Terms of service

We want you to use our platform consciously and responsibly. Please familiarize yourself with our terms of service, which explain the rules for using our service. By using our platform, you accept these terms. If you disagree, please refrain from using our platform.

1. Platform usage

By using the platform, the user agrees to the terms outlined in the following points.

2. Prohibitions

2.1. Multiple accounts

We recommend avoiding the creation of multiple accounts, although it is not prohibited. However, the „faucet” feature is provided only during specific time intervals from one IP address to protect the platform from potential misuse.

2.2. Security and security vulnerabilities

Using security vulnerabilities, errors, glitches, etc., is prohibited. Any discovered vulnerabilities should be promptly reported via the email provided in point 7.

2.3. Automation

The use of scripts and other tools for task automation on the platform is prohibited.

2.4. IP change

The use of proxies, VPNs, TOR, and similar tools to bypass platform bans by changing IP addresses is prohibited.

2.5. Hacking and fraud

All attempts at hacking, fraud during offer execution on the platform, and security breaches are strictly prohibited.

2.6. Other legal violations

Any activities considered illegal according to the applicable law are prohibited.

3. Copyright and intellectual property

3.1. External content

Logos of other companies, products, or cryptocurrencies on the platform are for informational purposes only and belong to their rightful owners.

3.2. Translations

Translations available on the platform are created by users under a CC0 license, meaning a waiver of copyright in favor of the public.

3.3. Other content

All other content available on the platform is subject to the platform's copyright.

4. Availability and withdrawals

4.1. Service availability

The platform does not guarantee continuous access to its services.

4.2. Cryptocurrency withdrawals

Cryptocurrency withdrawals are typically instant. However, we cannot guarantee withdrawal availability in cases where the platform does not have sufficient funds for withdrawal at a given time.

5. Liability and disclaimers

5.1. External links

The platform is not responsible for the content found on external websites accessible through links on the platform.

5.2. Advertisements

The platform is not responsible for the content of ads provided by external advertisers.

5.3. User tax obligation

Users are responsible for correctly reporting their taxes in accordance with their country's tax regulations when earning income on the platform in the form of cryptocurrencies. The platform is not responsible for user tax reporting and is not obliged to provide assistance in this matter.

5.4. No guarantees

The platform does not guarantee the correctness, accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of materials available on the platform.

5.5. Platform closure

The platform reserves the right to close its service for any reason without justification and is not responsible for the loss of user data or funds.

5.6. Reporting violations to law enforcement

The platform has the right to report users to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in case of attempts to compromise platform security, hacking, fraud attempts, or other actions deemed illegal according to applicable law. These actions will be pursued according to Polish law.

5.7. Changes to terms of service

The platform reserves the right to introduce changes to the terms of service without prior notice to users.

6. Dispute resolution and jurisdiction

6.1. Dispute resolution

Any disputes and uncertainties arising from these terms of service or the use of the platform will be resolved through legal proceedings in accordance with applicable law.

6.2. Court jurisdiction

The exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes related to the use of the platform is the competent court within the territory of the Republic of Poland. Claims or disputes that exceed the territorial jurisdiction of Poland will not be addressed based on these terms of service.

6.3. Limitations

These terms of service are subject to Polish law. The limitations and rules specified in these terms of service are binding under Polish law. Other legal provisions that may apply in other jurisdictions do not apply to the platform.

7. Contact

In case of the need for contact, please send a message to the email address: support@get-xno.com.

8. Conclusion

A user who does not accept all the terms and conditions outlined in the above terms of service does not have the right to use the platform or gain access to it.

The terms of service are effective from November 4, 2023.